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Last updated March 17th, 2020 


WWW.BABEESSENTIALS.COM represents Babe Essentials and is a secure website where all your personal information is safe and confidential.  BABE ESSENTIALS will not share or display any of your personal information. When browsing the website, no information about you is gathered. If you choose to sign up for e-mails it is only to make your shopping experience enjoyable; no personal information will be shared outside of WWW.BABEESSENTIALS.COM.


We accept Paypal, American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Orders shipped within Florida are subject to tax.


All content and images unless otherwise noted are property of BABE ESSENTIALS. Specific ingredients used in our products may be of potential threat to your health and wellness. Please carefully read ingredients before use. If you react negatively to one of our products please stop immediately, and consult your doctor. 


Item(s) shipped internationally will take time and is more expensive depending where the item is being shipped. Same as a buyer in the United States, it is the buyer’s responsibility to give a correct address in order to receive the item(s). If item(s) is already shipped with an incorrect address given, we will NOT be responsible for lost or stolen item(s). There will be no refund to item(s) shipped to an invalid address. HOUSE OF TWO BABES is NOT responsible for international custom fees, damages or stolen packages, it is the responsibility of the buyer.