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Babe Essentials - Haitian Coffee Body Oil | Cellulite Massage Oil
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Haitian Coffee Body Oil

anti-cellulite hydrating body oil

Stretch marks and cellulite remedy.

After you shower, apply the oil on dry skin focusing on areas affected by stretch marks and cellulites. Deeply massage areas in a circular motion until oil has been absorbed. You may also use this oil as a full body massage oil or a full body post-shower oil on wet or dry skin (may stain your towel). If sensitive to caffeine, avoid using this oil at night. 

Coffee oil will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulites. Cellulites appear more often when you consume and unhealthy diet. The mixture of oil will hydrate you skin which is most important, and improve blood circulation. 

Haitian coffee, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil

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