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Beauty Sleep

soothing lavender bundle

The full lavender collection will make you feel exfoliated, moisturized and hydrated from head to toe. Your body will be left feeling refreshed, brand new, and moisturized all day.

After cleansing your body with the soap bar, use your hands to exfoliate from the neck down with the body scrub, getting rid of your body's dead skin. Use the body scrub twice weekly for better results. After your shower, make sure to hydrate your skin with a Babe body oil on damp or dry skin for extra moisture and hydration. Use the infused oil as often as your body needs the moisture. It is recommended to use the infused oils in smaller areas of the body.

This combo gives you the ultimate body treatment you need for a cleansed, and silky smooth skin.  

Lavender & Vanilla Scrub: Brown sugar, Sea salt, Mixture of natural oils, Vanilla extract, Lavender essential oil, Vitamin E, Dried lavender flowers

Lavender Infused Oil: Sesame Oil, Almond oil, Lavender essential oil, and Dried lavender

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