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Babe Essentials - Growth & Strengthening Hair Oil

Long Hair Don't Care

moisturizing, growth and strengthening hair oil treatment

Moisturizing, Growth and Strengthening Hair Oil

Shake the bottle well and cut the tip before use. By using the tip, start applying the oil all over your dry scalp making sure that the oil has spread all over. Massage a fair amount of the oil mixture on your scalp in order for the oil to enter your hair follicles. DO NOT leave the oil on for more than 24 hours. You may also use this oil treatment under the heat for 10-15 minutes. To remove the oil, shampoo and condition hair as usual. For better results, apply once or twice a week.

For all hair types. This oil treatment is designed to support natural hair growth for hair loss or thinning hair. It promotes fuller hair growth and leaves your hair healthy, shiny, and more manageable. 

Olive Oil, Haitian Castor Oil, Rosemary Oil, Carrot Oil, Sesame Oil, and Avocado Oil

8OZ | 237ML
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