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Dear Babes,

Welcome to our first ever blog post, where you’ll be able to read and gain knowledge about everything skincare, beauty, and wellness. When we founded Babe Essentials in 2017, never did we think we’d make it grow to what it is today; a soon to be globally known brand known for it’s pure quality products, it’s focus on female empowerment, it’s dedication to the farmers who provide amazing raw ingredients, and it’s commitment to accompany all babes to look and feel the best that they can be. Growing up in Haiti, I was introduced to a more traditional or holistic way of using the island’s raw materials. Incorporating these ingredients in my daily life became a routine. The benefits were life changing. We created this space to share exactly that. A space where we share the benefits of pure and natural raw materials and the many way to incorporate them in your beauty and skincare routine. 

We believe that using the pure, natural and timeless ingredients nature has to offer is the path to beautiful skin and being an overall healthier human. You will soon realize why that is through our many blogs posts. We aim to give all Babes the long-term results they are looking for by emphasizing a raw and organic skincare routine. We produce and distribute skincare products that are ultra-high quality, environmentally sustainable, socially impactful, and driven by results. On this blog, we will share that knowledge with you. 

We are excited to share our world, mission, goal, and beliefs with you by updating you on everything Babe Essentials. 

Welcome Aboard Babes!



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