Our Story

When the mother-daughter duo, Alexa and Stella, founded Babe Essentials in 2017, never did they think they would grow to what it is today. Alexa stands behind the fact that the brains behind the formulations is purely Stella, who influenced her love and passion for clean, safe and simple beauty. 

Being from haiti, they were always surrounded by nature, land, and culture. Taking advantage of the island’s pure raw ingredients, and in search of the perfect tan for the summer of 2017, Babe Essentials was born.

Palms Tree

Coconut Oil, the holy grail of their beach weekends, was cold pressed in their kitchen. Experimenting skincare also became part of the journey. Months later, they developed a full line of clean body, skin and hair care products. Their kitchen became a full fledged experimentation site.

Babe Essentials prides itself on producing and distributing skincare, body, and hair care products that are ultra high quality, environmentally sustainable, socially impactful, and driven by results. Babe Essentials will take you back to the basics with their love for simple beauty. Skincare and beauty routines shouldn’t have to be complicated, so make it simple with Babe Essentials. Your clean beauty journey begins now!


Our Philosophy

We believe that using pure, natural and timeless ingredients nature has to offer is the path to beautiful skin. We are strong believers that less is more; we like to keep it simple and enable everyone to get the  long-term results they are looking for. We achieve this goal by emphasizing a simple, raw, and natural skincare and beauty routine. Our goal is to be known for pure and quality products, our focus on female empowerment, and our dedication to the farmers who provide amazing raw ingredients. We are committed to giving you simple solutions that you can adapt to your unique everyday routines.