Find out why we are obsessed with body oils instead of lotion base moisturizers

If you had to choose between body oils or body lotions what would you choose? The truth is that both are beneficial to the health of the skin, of course both would need to contain beneficial and natural ingredients that are effective in the skin’s health. You may already know that we are suckers for oils. In this article, we will point out the benefits of using body oils as oppose to lotion base moisturizers. We will also dive into their differences, and why we believe that body oils are the way to go.

Let’s talk about the differences.

A body oil and a body lotion have one main goal, and that is to moisturize the skin. You might be now wondering what makes them different then? They become separate based on the benefits they bring to the table, and of course the texture of both are different, which in fact does make a difference on the skin’s health. Because of their nature, body oils quickly penetrate the skin once applied and do an exceptional job at replenishing the moisture that the skin lost. When body oils are used immediately after bathing  on damp skin, the oil acts a sealant, thus locking moisture deep within the skin. 

Body lotions on the other hand hydrate the skin because of their water base nature but moreover provide specific benefits based on particular skin issues. Body lotions are great at sealing in moisture and absorbing water into the skin.


The difference truly stands based on the need for your skin at a particular time.

 The Benefits of Body Oil

One of the significant benefits of using oil on your skin instead of body lotion is the nutrients it transports directly to the skin. Other fantastic benefits include:

  1. The Ability to Naturally Normalize The Production Of Sebum.Body Oils are similar to the natural oils found within our skin. This proves beneficial because it repairs and reconstructs your skin's moisture barrier that creates oil production. 
  1. Strengthens Skin. The use of oil on skin builds a protective barrier that enhances the skin and protects it from moisture loss, thus effectively repairing and maintaining the skin. 
  1. Organic Cold Pressed Oils are Free of Chemicals.A lot of lotions are made with preservatives and chemicals that can be toxic. Natural cold-pressed oils tend to be free of harmful ingredients because they are straight from the earth and need no additives to maintain their shelf life, like lotions.

 The Benefits of Body Lotion

Though body oils offer more incredible natural benefits to improve skin, lotions too address specific skin issues and improve the skin's moisture balance. 

  1. Improves the appearance of dry skin. When body lotion is directly applied to the skin because of its water content, it aids in keeping skin hydrated and moisturized due to its oil and water content. However, don't forget that the other ingredients in some lotions are not organic and from natural sources.
  1. A quick way to re-moisturize skin.Lotions provide a quick moisturizing boost to the skin when on the go and faced with dryness. Though oils are more superior in providing long-lasting moisture, lotions can give you a top-up when on the go. 
  1. Soothes skin aggravations. Lotions can provide nourishing skin aids to soothe the skin types that are sensitive.

Why do we prefer body oils?

As you consider making the switch from body lotion to body oil consider these options: 

  • Your skin will experience better moisture retention. Body oils provide better opportunities for your skin to be moisturized; even if you suffer from acne or oily skin, it naturally aids in balancing the production of sebum, thus limiting the occurrence of your skin overproducing oil that leads to breakouts. 
  • Your skin will be able to heal damages better. Body oils provide a natural moisture barrier that repairs skin and prevents skin from becoming damaged.
  • Prevents free radical and other environmental damage. The use of body oils provides better protection against premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Nourishes skin. The use of oils exposes skin to soak in more nutrient-rich properties like vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.Body oils are also known to provide anti-inflammatory benefits when applied to skin.
  • Free of Chemical and artificial ingredients. Many harmful chemicals like parabens are added to lotions to prevent bacteria growth within the product. 
  • Moisturizes while providing aromatherapy benefits. When oils are applied to the skin it hydrates as well as provide holistic healing to ease possible stress and anxiety being experienced.

The truth is that both body oils and body lotions provide exceptional benefits to boost the skin's health. However,  we still prefer the use of body oils. We believe that it simply provides all the positive benefits with a better potential of healing and nourishing the skin long-term without harmful chemicals. 

As you consider to make this important switch from body lotion to body oils you can be comforted in the fact that Babe Essentials has the health of your skin covered with Antidote, Jet Setter Body Oil and Fresher Than You.

The benefits these oils offer for your body and mind are unmatched!

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