Your Skincare Routine Order Explained: How to Apply Your Products

With people becoming more and more cautious towards the skin and its well-being, it has become important for them to choose the right skin care products and follow a proven skincare regimen to get the best results. Want to know how? Well, keep reading this post to discover more.

Eye cream before or after moisturizer? Serum before or after the mask? Face oil or serum first? Most of you must have come across these questions while following any skincare routine. What’s the way out?

Well!  The only way is to know the right order, duration, and knowledge of applying different skin care products. Otherwise, it is worthless to spend on expensive skincare products.

If you have always failed to implement the accurate am pm skincare routine, here is a blog that will explain how to set up your skincare routine in the right way.

Skincare Routine Everyone Must Follow

Step 1: Cleanser

To ensure a notable difference between before and after skincare, you must start with a Cleanser. The role of a cleanser is to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from your skin.

This will give you nice, dirt-free, and grease-free skin that will finely absorb ingredients from your skincare products.

However, you needn’t get confused with different types of skin cleansers available in the market as we have got the best option for you. The Daily Dose Purifying Facial Cleanser is such a multi-purpose product that not just removes impurities from the skin but also maintains its pH.  You can apply it twice a day i.e. in the morning and at night to remove any kind of build-up on your skin.

Step 2: Toner

The primary role of toner in the skincare routine is to rejuvenate your skin without eliminating its natural moisture. It also helps the skin to absorb the subsequent skincare products even properly.

 The Rose Water Soothing Face Toner by Babe Essentials will help to remove excess dirt, traces of oil, balance the skin’s pH level, and reduce the presence of pores.

Step 3: Serum

Serums are essentially the combination of essential oils that constitutes extremely concentrated nutrients, hydrators, and antioxidants. It soothes the skin, reduces irritation, and eliminates acne and breakouts.

The Aloe Clarifying Facial Serum by Babe Essentials instantly boosts your skin and keeps it hydrated. It is 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and completely made of natural ingredients. If you’re wondering how to apply serum, then all you need to do is, apply a small amount of serum in the morning and night after toning. Apply it on a damped skin for optimal absorption.

Step 4: Eyes Cream

After serum, now comes the turn of eyes cream. Wondering eye cream or moisturizer first? You must know that it is applied before the application of moisturizers and face oils as it is said that in skincare, you need to apply the lightest first, and heaviest last. This is because the thinner products have a lower capability to penetrate the thicker products.

Now the next question that often triggers the mind of people is, “are eye-cream necessary for all?”. So, the answer is No. As long as you’re using moisturizer and sunscreen, your eyes are getting the needed TLC, but you can still use eyes cream and get an even youthful glow.

Step 5: Moisturizer

People who don’t use eye cream can apply moisturizer directly after the serum. Wondering how long to wait to apply moisturizer after serum? So, you need to wait for at least 5 minutes after applying the serum before moisturizing. The role of moisturizer in skincare is to improve skin hydration, cover small skin fissures, soothe protective film and prevent skin friction.

Step 6: Face Oil

Face oil acts as a protective barrier that works to lock all the ingredients you just applied to your skin so that they don’t evaporate quickly and leave the skin silky and smooth. The reason why face oil is applied at last is that the oil has a thick texture due to which no products can penetrate oil.

Step 7: Sunscreen

Sunscreens are one of the most crucial parts of the skincare routine. However, often people remain confused about the application of sunscreen-they have questions like, “do you put moisturizer before sunscreen”, or “why is sunscreen applied after oil”, then here are the answers to all questions.

Yes, the moisturizer and face oil are applied before sunscreen because the role of sunscreen is to protect your face and combat external impurities. It acts as a barrier between the external world and your face. Although, there are many moisturizers and foundations available in the market with a considerable amount of SPF, the required level of SPF on our face is SPF 30.


So, this is the correct line of action you need to follow to make the best of your skincare routine. If you are looking for the best quality skincare products, then look no further than Babe Essentials. We have the widest collection of best quality skincare, face care, and hair care products that will make you an absolute favorite of yourself. To know more about our products, consider visiting our website today!


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