Après Sun

Post Sun Burn Care
If your skin is recovering from an unfortunate long day under the sun, this set is made for you. Refresh your body and skin with cooling sensation of the peppermint by also moisturizing your skin with the mixture of rich and natural oils. Hydrating and moisturizing your body after a sun tan is key to prevent flaky skin.
  • Fresher Than You 210 ml / 7.1 fl oz
  • Chill Out 80 ml | 2.7 fl oz
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How to Use

After bathing, apply a desired amount of the Fresher Than You on dry or damp skin as a post shower body oil. Spray your face and body with the Chill Out as much as you desire to cool your body and skin.


For optimal results, moisturize your body consistently until your sunburn goes away. Pair the routine with "The Cure" aloe gel for extra hydration on your face.

  • Crulty Free
  • Safe
  • recycle
  • Natural