The Perfect Tan

Deep Natural Bronzing Tan
The key to getting the perfect tan is making sure that your skin is exfoliated prior to getting under the sun. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, which then reveals the fresh skin underneath. We chose the Jet Setter Body Scrub because of the bronzing color of the coffee, matching the bronzing color of the Sun-Dazed tanning oil. Fight the heat with the Chill Out refreshing face and body mist by spraying as desired.
  • Jet Setter Body Scrub 473 ml / 16 fl oz
  • Sun-Dazed Bronzing Tanning Oil 210 ml / 7.1 fl oz
  • Chill Out Face Mist 80 ml / 2.7 fl oz
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How to Use

Right before your tan, exfoliate your body with the Jet Setter Coffee Body Scrub to remove the dead skin for a smoother canvas.

Shake the Sun-Dazed well and pump desired amount when exposed to the sun to achieve a natural and long-lasting bronzed tan.

Get the cooling effect of the Chill Out by spraying as much as needed onto face, neck, and body for a refreshing and cooling effect during your tanning session.


For optimal results, moisturize your body consistently after sun exposure with a body oil of choice, and treat your skin with both the Aloe Tonic and The Cure to benefit from the sooth properties of the Aloe. Always wear SPF.

  • Crulty Free
  • Safe
  • recycle
  • Natural